Canon Professor Vernon White

Canon Theologian - Westminster Abbey

Vernon is Canon Theologian at Westminster Abbey and Visiting Professor in Theology at King's College London.

He has wide-ranging interests in moral, philosophical and 'literary' theology, and varied experience for working in Theological Education, University Chaplaincy, Cathedral and Parish ministry.


The Fall of a Sparrow: An Essay on the Concept of Special Divine Action (1985), Atonement and Incarnation (1991), Paying Attention to People: An Essay on Individualism and Christian Belief (1996), Identity (2002), Life Beyond Death: Threads of Hope in Faith, Life and Theology (2006), Purpose and Providence: Taking Soundings in Western Thought, Literature and Theology (2015).

Lecture titles

  • Images of God
  • Life Beyond Death
  • Personal Identity and the Virtue of Fidelity