Dr Claire Foster-Gilbert

Director, Westminster Abbey Institute

Claire has worked extensively in public ethics, specialising in medical ethics and environmental ethics. A theologian by background, she emphasises the spiritual dimension of ethics in her writing and lecturing.

Claire was Research Fellow at the Centre of Medical Law and Ethics, King’s College, London, then National Policy Adviser to the Church of England on medical ethics and environmental ethics. She founded a charity, the Ethics Academy, and was a lay canon of St Paul’s Cathedral where she co-founded St Paul’s Institute for ethics in finance and business. She now runs Westminster Abbey Institute for ethics in public life, which she also founded.


The Manual for Research Ethics Committees (KCL 1995)
The Ethics of Medical Research on Humans (CUP 2001)
Sharing God's Planet (CHP 2005)
The Worlds We Live In (edited, DLT 2005)
How Many Lightbulbs Does it Take to Change a Christian? (CHP 2007)
Don't Stop at the Lights (CHP 2008)
Hero's Journal (The Ethics Academy 2009)

Lecture titles

  • Environmental Ethics
  • Growing Moral Sensitivity and Courage
  • The Ethics of Medical Research on Humans and Animals