Mr Michael Poole

Visiting Research Fellow in Science and Religion, King’s College, London

For fourteen years Michael taught Physics and some Religious Education at a London boy’s comprehensive school where he was Head of the Physics Department.

This was followed by three years preparing and broadcasting radio programmes on science and religion for overseas audiences.

He was appointed to the staff of King’s College in 1973 as Lecturer in Science Education (Physics). His research interests are in the interplay between science and religion, with special reference to an educational context.

He lives in Surrey and, as a general principle, aims at balancing the distance he is prepared to travel with the amount of input he is invited to give.


Michael is the author of several books, most recently:

A User’s Guide to Science and Belief (Lion Hudson 2007)
The 'New' Atheism: Ten Arguments that don't Hold Water? (Lion Hudson 2009)

He is also the author of some 90 papers and articles on issues of science and religion, their relevance for science teachers, religious education specialists and for a general readership.

Lecture titles

  • Christianity and the New Atheism
  • Issues in Science and Religion with Special Reference to Christianity
  • Science and Religion in Secondary Education