Revd Professor Jeff Astley

The Alister Hardy Professor of Religious and Spiritual Experience, University of Warwick

Jeff is also an honorary professor in the Department of Theology and Religion and Professorial Fellow of St Chad’s College at Durham University, and a visiting professor at York St John University.

He was previously engaged in Anglican parish ministry and college chaplaincy and for over 30 years was the Director of the North of England Institute for Christian Education.


Jeff is the author or editor of over 30 books on Christian education, practical theology and religious faith, including:

The Philosophy of Christian Religious Education
Choosing Life? Christianity and Moral Problems
Learning in the Way: Research and Reflection on Adult Christian Education
Ordinary Theology
: Looking, Listening and Learning in Theology
Exploring God-Talk
: Using Language in Religion
Christ of the Everyday
The SCM Study guide to Christian Doctrine
Studying God: Doing Theology
What Do We Believe? Why Does it Matter?

Lecture titles

  • Faith: An Affair of the Heart or the Head?
  • So Which God Don’t You Believe In?
  • Watching our Religious Language